Holdin’ Out Hosts a Blogoversary Surprise Party– for YOU!

Break out the champagne. Throw the confetti. Start blowing up the *non-latex* balloons (spina bifida inside-joke, hehe!). 

Holdin’ Out for a Hero turns THREE. Can you believe it!? 

It’s hard to imagine now, but three years ago today, I was a senior at the University of Central Florida, starting out the year and confused as ever as to what I would be doing after graduation. If someone had tried to explain to me what my life would be like three years later, I would have laughed at them. 

But life changes. God had a new plan for my life. And the plan surprised me

Now, it’s time for me to surprise YOU. In wild celebration of three years of Holdin’ Out, I’m throwing you a party– online. Please join me tonight for Holdin’ Out for a Hero’s first-ever livestream!! (Can you tell I’m just a tad excited?) 

During our livestream, starting at 7 p.m. EST, you will be able to see me LIVE on video, talking to you from Orlando, Florida. Here is the link, and we will be going LIVE at 7 p.m. eastern time. And, you can connect to Twitter and Facebook and send me your questions, comments, and virtual birthday cupcakes (yes, please!!)

Also, on Twitter, let’s use the hashtag #HoldinOutforSB. 

Here are a few ideas as to what you all might want to share tonight (but the sky is the limit):

  • How reading/following Holdin’ Out for a Hero has impacted your life
  • What your initial thoughts/impressions were about the blog 
  • When you started following Holdin’ Out for a Hero– and how you heard about it 
  • Your own efforts to promote awareness of Spina Bifida 
  • Your own definition of the word “hero”– what it means to you 
  • Any questions you might have for me! (Keep it clean and G-rated, people!) 
  • What you think the next step will be for The Cause 


I’m serious. Not even the sky limits us, probably! 

I want to thank you all, because you’ve been such a huge inspiration to me. 

Get the cake and candles ready and cue the karaoke machine!! 



Laurita ♥ 

© 2012, Laurita. All rights reserved.

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