Education is a Never-Ending Process

One of the things I’ve enjoyed reflecting on the most since I began blogging three years ago is how much I’ve learned. I’m continually amazed at all the knowledge I’ve acquired, especially in the two years since I graduated college.

Of course, I like to attend many conferences for bloggers and social media enthusiasts in order to learn, but I’ve realized that the learning doesn’t stop once a conference session is over and I step out into the hallway. It goes much deeper than that.

During the past three years of my life, I’ve learned a lot about relationships and friendships. I’ve learned about loyalty. I’ve learned about honesty and integrity, and how important it is to have all these qualities in order to be respected in the realm of social media.

Many children and teenagers are currently in the process of going back to school, beginning a new grade, meeting new people, and maybe even getting acquainted with a new academic institution. I learned a great many lessons within the walls of my schools and colleges, but I learned a great deal more from my interactions with many people. 

I can vividly remember shopping with my Mami for school supplies, carefully reading her my teacher’s list of requirements. I would get so excited about buying new notebooks, binders, pencils, pens, and loose-leaf paper. And, of course, every year I was interested in a different “theme” for my supplies. One year it was pink unicorns, another year it was Latino heartthrobs. 

But one particular memory stands out in my mind– one that remained consistent from one year to the next: my anticipation. With the plastic wrap still on my loose-leaf paper, and my dividers still not clearly labeled, the coming year held all the possibility and hope that only a year that hasn’t been lived yet can hold. 


When I graduated from the University of Central Florida, I had to choose between attending the ceremony or attending the BlogHer Conference. Of course-- I chose BlogHer, but I brought my cap along! :)


Now, long after having graduated, I miss the structure of my education, how my day was planned out according to each class and the assignments I had. I miss the daily interactions with peers who I didn’t always like, but that I now miss not getting to know better. 

Yes, I even miss scrambling to get to class on time when the warning bell has rung, and feeling my heart pound and the adrenaline rush when fearing I wouldn’t be able to find my homework. 

I miss the constant motivation of getting work done– that each assignment would guarantee us a grade– An “A” was a true reward, an “F” a true punishment, and anything in between was simply subject to personal interpretation. But I miss knowing that every action taken had a direct result; that nothing was overlooked or taken for granted. 

That’s not always so in the world of social media. Many times, we’ll spend hours a day writing a post, then promoting it on twenty different social outlets or pages, only to find a handful of people will actually read it. There’s no guarantee of either reward or punishment for a job well done or a job botched up. 

But life changes without the “structure.” We adapt to the changes in our environment, in our daily routine. We make our own rules, then rewrite them. We learn to live without the “back to school” rush. 

We learn. 


















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