I’m Laura Tellado. I’ve decided to write a blog that will chronicle my search for a spokesperson for people with the condition that I have, spina bifida. It is the #1 cause of paralysis in children in America. It is also more common than muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and cystic fibrosis combined.

But, why should you even care about this blog? Well, there are currently 166,000 people living in the U.S. with spina bifida. And the fact of the matter is that while taking folic acid can help prevent having a child with spina bifida, there is no known cure for it, and my goal is to encourage people to get the conversation going about spina bifida, and how we can all help people through research and quality of life programs.

“Holdin’ Out for a Hero” is my year-long effort to find a national spokesperson for the spina bifida community, and also to generate public interest and awareness of this cause.

So, if you’re interested, please share this link with people you know, and join me as I embark on this uncertain yet exciting journey…

For any questions, comments, or suggestions, please E-mail me at: laurita.tellado@gmail.com.


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  1. Hello Laura,

    I’m very impressed by your site and your connections. I’m also very proud of you. You’re pursuing your dream and are making it become a reality. Keep up the terrific work and stay as good as you are !

    Dr K

    • Thanks, Dr. K! I appreciate your support. I hope you can pass along the link to my blog to your patients (especially those w/ SB) and colleagues, anyone you know who might have the slightest interest. I owe so much of my well-being today to you! Hope you are doing great, and may God Bless you always!


      Laura 😉

  2. Querida Laura,

    Muuchas felicidades por este blog. Sé que será el comienzo de muchos proyectos maravillosos. Me enorgullece muchísimo que contemos con estudiantes hispanos tan talentosos y perseverantes como tú. Ya verás como todos tus sueños se hacen realidad.

    Un abrazo desde San Juan,

    • Muchísimas gracias por tu ánimo, Cristina! Desde que empezé en NAHJ, haz sido tan buena amiga conmigo, y te lo agradezco con toda mi alma. Oye, pero te mudaste? No lo sabía! Bueno, si Dios lo permite nos encontraremos en algún momento. Yo me paso viajando para P.R.!

    • Thanks a million, Sarah! This is just what I need to get this message across to as many people as possible. I really count on everybody’s support to make this happen.

      HUGS. 😉

  3. I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I just know you will succeed. I have book marked your blog so that I can follow your dream with you.

  4. Laurita,
    I know that your will work hard in your quest to find a hero to rally the masses in the hopes of finding a cure for spinal bifida.
    But you won”t have to look far to find a hero.
    You are one already.
    much love

    • Gracias, George!
      Aprecio tanto tu apoyo. Hace tiempo que no hablamos. Espero que todo está muy bien contigo. Please continue sharing this link with others, as that will make all the difference. You are my hero, too!

      Laurita 😉

  5. Wow, I’m impressed with you and what you’re doing! It’s obvious that you have the persistence and creativity to make a real impact. I wish I could help with your cause in some small way. Do you do anything requiring money? I’d gladly give you a donation. Best of luck to you, and I hope you find that spokesperson!

    • Hi Adam!

      Thank you for your encouraging comments. As for money, I am not actually seeking donations through my blog, but if you are interested, I can give you the Web site for the Spina Bifida Association of America. It is http://www.sbaa.org. They will gladly accept donations.

      For me, you can definitely spread the word to everyone you know about this blog and its purpose. That would be an AMAZING help to me! If even a few of you could talk to people and give them the link, I just know that the message will spread exponentially.

      Also, if you know anyone who is a high-profile personality or someone of great influence, I welcome any and all connections. I am both writing to people of influence in order to appeal to them, as well as asking them to promote my blog.

      Thank you so much, and I hope you keep following my blog! There is much more to come.

      :-) Laurita

  6. Laurita,
    Good vibes+hard work=YOU!
    You are rockin’ it with this blog–LOVE it!
    Me encanta the way you write and express yourself-go mija. Your refreshing way of explaining what you are doing to get a spokesperson is engaging…here’s wishing a BIG star will say YES to you soon!

    • Hola Ybeth,

      Me alegro tanto escuchar de tí! San Juan was so much fun! Thank you soooooo much for your awesome, encouraging words. They mean the WORLD to me. Ever since we met, I’ve admired you and you’ve been like a big sister to me. I hope to make you proud!! Sabiendo que tu conoces a muchas personas, pido que PORFAVOR compartas el blog con todos. Eso me ayudaría mucho. Y saludos a tu familia tan bella!

      Te quiero mucho,
      Laurita 😉

  7. Well done Laurita, this blog is truely inspirational and might I say some amazing writing from you!
    I wish you every success with the blog. xxx

  8. Hola, Laurita.

    Acabo de ver tu blog y me enorgullece (aún más) que seas mi sobrina. Eres siempre un ejemplo de pasión y voluntad y espero que logres tus objetivos. (Además, eres muy buena periodista!)

    Muchas bendiciones, fortaleza y salud. Te quiero mucho. :-)

    • Tio!!

      Ahhhhh….me hiciste LLORAR en la universidad. He he…gracias. No tienes idea de cuanto necesito del apoyo tuvo y de todos ustedes. Son los mejores que me entienden y que me conocen por quien soy.

      Te amo!

      😉 Lauri

  9. Woow, me encanta tu fortaleza…Ademas eres muy chistosa. Que bueno que existen personas como tu, que pelean por llegar lejos. Hope you find your happy ending soon! :)

    • Muchas gracias, Xiul! Me alegro tanto que te inspire mi blog. Espero que porfavor sigas compartiendolo con todos los que conoces! Que Dios te Bendiga,

      Laurita :-)

  10. Tu blog esta fabuloso. Escribes de manera muy clara y precisa. Tu estilo es muy profesional y a la vez muy claro y facil de entender. Tu tienes mucha voluntad y creatividad. Te deseo exito. Se que lograras siempre lo que te propongas. Se que vas a ser una profesional muy exitosa. Adelante!

    Tu amigo de siempre


    • Hola, René!
      Gracias por tu apoyo y por tu comentario tan lindo. Te lo agradezco un montón.

      Sabes que te quiero mucho siempre, y te considero un gran amigo. Eres como de la familia!

      :-) Laurita

  11. I have two suggestions 1.) we can have jobs and work 8 hours without having ssi getting in the way because to me that is not fair to us that we have to work part time so, that we could keep out ssi We need to show them that people like us can work hours like anyone else. 2.) Those who go through the company assisted living & vocational rehabilitation for help to get started looking for a job. When a counselor once helps the person understand what resumes & applications are. Then they should look for a job themselves.

    • Hey Shannon!
      Thanks for posting your thoughts on my blog! I’m sure that many people like us agree, and that they find themselves in that situation.

      :-) Laurita

  12. Very impressive, sobrina. I find your entries very interesting and well-written. Keep up the good work and best of luck with this worthy endeavor. Saludos from hot and humid Santa Rosa.

  13. Lauritaaa…

    Qué alegría saber que el proyecto continúa tan bien. Me paso leyendo tus escritos. Ánimo y sigue adelante que pronto encontrarás ese HERO!

    • Mil gracias, Cristina! Tu has sido una de mis “héroes” desde el principio, con tu apoyo, tu entusiasmo, y tus ideas. Pase lo que pase, este proyecto me ha mostrado a mí que verdaderamente hay muchas personas que me quieren mucho.

      Laurita :-)

    • Mil gracias, Cristina! Tu has sido una de mis “héroes” desde el principio, con tu apoyo, tu entusiasmo, y tus ideas. Pase lo que pase, este proyecto me ha mostrado a mí que verdaderamente hay muchas personas que me quieren mucho.

      Laurita :-)

  14. Laura,
    I can’t begin to express how deeply touched I am by your ambition, your dream and your overall sunny disposition.
    My son, Roman, was born with Spina Bifida. He’s 6 months old now and a total charmer. As a mother of a child with Spina Bifida I can tell you, it’s so refreshing to find that people like you exist.

    In your quest to find a hero for yourself and the millions of people living with SB, you’ve become mine.

    My endless thanks,
    Erica Potter

    • Hi Erica!
      Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. (Tears welled up in my eyes!) I’m so glad that this blog is inspiring you. I know from personal experience that it is difficult to foresee what life has in store for you, especially when you love someone who has SB.

      I’ve always been one to worry a lot, but I turned out okay. Frankly, though, with this blog, it’s helping me out a lot more than I anticipated– I have something awesome to look forward to each day! Right now, I guess, I’m just playing it by ear.


      Laurita 😉

  15. I was fortunate enough to be directed to your blog and what you’re doing is wonderful. Like others have said you are a hero just for putting this awareness out there. I’m 27 and have SB and have passed your blog along to all those I know.

  16. Hi Laura! I just found your website through a spina bifida e-mail group that I am part of. I think this is a great website. I will post the link to your site on another website that I go on a lot, and hopefully this will gain some more popularity. Please keep up the good work!

    • Hi Chris!

      Thank you soooo much for checking out my blog and sharing it on a Web site! I’m curious as to what spina bifida group you’re part of. I confess, this is probably the first time that I have actually used modern technology to connect with others with SB. And I must say, I think that once people started posting the link on other sites, the numbers really grew!

      So thanks! It’s working!

      God Bless,

      Laura :-)

  17. Dear Laura,

    I have always prayed for my patients and will add you to the list of “those, Father, dear to my heart.” The main thing is always to keep the main thing the main thing!

    I look forward to more of your journey!


  18. Laura –

    My 5 month old daughter Alyssa was born with Spina Bifida. I’m so grateful to find people like you who will be her role models as she grows. Thank you for doing this!

    • Hi Kathy!

      I’m so honored that you are enjoying the blog. I hope you will continue to read it, and that the information and experiences described in it will somehow help you both! Blessings to you and Alyssa.

      :-) Laura

  19. Laura,

    I am so happy I came across your blog. You are a precious hero to the SB community. I have a 8 month old daughter with SB and like you try to encourage more to speak of this condition and spread awareness. I will do all I can to help you with your search and pass any info your way. In the meantime…would you mind if I post your blog on my website? http://www.kystbyeverlee.com

    • Hi Karlee,

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Your comment was the first thing I read before heading to my college campus for classes, and I know that will give me some much-needed fuel for today! Yes, by all means, please post my blog on your site! I will definitely check it out later today when I have the time.

      Blessings to you and your little girl,

      Laura :-)

    • this goes out to karlee i am praying for you and your daughter i to have sb i am 32 and i am doing well for my self if you ever want to talk u can email me at godspreciousgifts@yahoo.com my god continue to bless you and your family and she will do well as she grows just keep encouraging her and support her in whatever she wants to do

  20. Laura!!!

    Increíble que ya se cumplen 51 días de esta aventura. Confieso que me he disfrutado tus amenas lecturas muchísimo. Nada más llegar aquí ha sido un logro enorme para ti. Además la entrevista con Telemundo, la invitación a dar el mensaje durante el Hispanic Heritage Month y lograr que ahora cientos de personas conozcan más de la condición. (Incluyendóme)

    Sé que debe ser díficil recibir respuestas negativas, automáticas o mensajes diciendo que no. Aún así, esto sólo permitirá que el día que encuentres tu heroé te disfrutes más ese triunfo.
    Un abrazo fuerte,

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  22. Hi,

    I have a quick suggestion for a person to write to if you think it’s worth it. He doesn’t have the same condition but you may want to look into him. His name is Sean Stephenson, and his website is http://timetostand.com. Hope I’m not leading you on a wild goose chase…

  23. Hello & hola Laura from Florida.
    Your writing is strong.
    I will keep your search for the right spokesperson in mind as I move thru life.
    I am a writer in Tallahassee & so I may hear about the right energetic person.

    Buena suerta & va con dios,


    Jan Godown Annino

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  25. hello my name is yolanda smith and i have spina bifida and i am 32 years old and i wanna help in your quest in finding a cure i would also like to become a advocate for kids and young adults and also adults with spina bifida i am in detroit michigan and i am also getting my associates in business admin, i have my own business i make all occasion gift baskets and i also bake so if i can be of any help please feel free to email me, and if there are any colors we wear i just found out that october is the month which is also breast cancer month so please let me know so i can tell others so they can show there support thank you

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  27. Hello Laura, Greetings from Canada. My 32 year old son has Spina Bifida, as well as Tourette’s Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He loves country music. I am pleased to read your blog. Awareness is a good thing, as many people haven’t heard of Spina Bifida. Keep up the good work! from Lynn.

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